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Lest it be ignored

Article by   September 2014
Dispo Dan has a fine post today over at Pyromaniacs.  I remain amazed at the number of people (including academics, bloggers, and writers for whom disagreement is surely an occupational hazard), who can only read criticism and disagreement through the... continue

McKnight on Bonhoeffer

Article by   September 2014
Over at Jesus Creed, Scot McKnight yesterday offered a thoughtful and provocative review of the new biography of Dietrich Bonhoeffer by Charles Marsh.   Scot has kindly given me permission to post an extended extract here.  All I would say... continue

On Archie Rice (and our own Annie Oakley)

Article by   August 2014
This week's Spin is up and in this episode the team tackle a number of closely related issues: the power of high profile pastors, the psychology of loyal commitment to a big name long after all credibility has really vanished,... continue

Jurassic Spin

Article by   August 2014
This week, as you can see below, the Mad Woman in the Attic sent the team all the way to a small karaoke bar in the Parc Iwyrassoch area of Cardiff, South Wales, to allow Aimee do her famous rendition... continue

Fifty Shades of Spin

Article by   August 2014
Anyone involved in pastoral ministry at the local level knows that the use of pornography by congregants is one of the most common issues they will face.  While this problem has often been seen as a male preserve, the last... continue

A Fifth Horseman?

Article by   August 2014
In addition to the inimitable Brady's bunch of improvements to the site, we might add one more: the possibility of a fifth rider of the apocalypse, a man who fears not to face down the current consensus of Christian correctitude. ... continue

"The Question"

Article by   August 2014
The Mars Hill implosion continues.  The article linked pushes the problems back a long way, years before the Jakes debacle and the departure of Driscoll from TGC. Thus, it would seem time to raise the evangelical equivalent of what historian... continue

Leadership... and obedience

Article by   August 2014
This week's Mortification of Spin is now available and in this episode the Ref Pack discusses the nature, challenges, and joys of church leadership.  First, however, Aimee and I confront Todd with some dark facts from his former, pre-Presbyterian life. ... continue

Four New Horsemen

Article by   August 2014
Ref21 is pleased to announce the addition of four new contributors who have joined the ranks of those determined to fight the forces of the Empire.  They are: Scott Swain, professor at RTS Orlando, and author of a number of... continue

The Gift that Keeps on Giving discussed on the Spin that Keeps on Spinning

Article by   July 2014
This week's Spin is up. In this episode, we move swiftly from discussing a recent example of the problems created for innocent pastors by the broad evangelical parachurch culture of the Top Men to reflecting once again on that... continue
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